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English-German translation needed. [Apr. 30th, 2007|02:59 pm]
Translation journal

Hi there,

I need an English-German translator in order to translate a software-related article (~1000 words) at a professional level. Anyone who is native speaker of German language (or know it very well at least) and know English very well (can be a native speaker as well), who is reliable and responsible, who is not a newbie to the Internet and computers, and has no problems with using any software on his or her computer will do it easily. Moreover, this is for the $ reward and if everything turns out great, there is a perspective to receive similar orders from time to time. Basically, you will become a freelancer :) I hope this info might be interested for some people or maybe you personally know someone who might be interested in this. If so, please contact me by e-mail ducharme.cath@gmail.com or simply reply me here (comments are screened!). Thanks for your time! Have a nice day! :) 

Warm regards,